Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tying a Mercury Midge

The fly shown here is being tied on a TMC 2487 hook in size 24. The bead head is a Spirit River quicksilver glass bead in the extra small size. Thread is 8/0 Uni-Thread, the body is just a few hairs of white Angora goat and the ribbing is fine silver wire.

1. Put the bead on the hook and clamp it in the typing vise. This step is not as easy at it might seem, I need to wear a magnifying head piece like a jeweler might wear.

2. Wrap the hook back to near the bend with the white thread.

3. Tie in the silver wire and build up a bit of body with the thread.

4. I spin the tiniest bit of white dubbing on the thread and wrap forward, tying off the thread.

5. Wrap the wire ribbing forward, in the opposite direction of the thread wraps.

6. Tie off the wire and trim it off. Whip finish the head behind the bead. I use a Materelli whip finisher.

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