Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Blue Grouse - Dee Style

This fly is inspired by Syd Glasso's Black Heron Spey and in particular a tie done by FlyTyer on the Speypages.  The wings here are tied in a Dee style using Blue Grouse tail.  Since there is no Heron in it at all it seems wrong to call it a Black Heron variant. 

Blue Grouse Spey:
Hook: TMC 7999 #2
Thread: Black
Body: Gold tinsel ribbed with  Copper Brown ultra-wire (small) and a dubbed front body of black angora stonefly mix.
Hackle: One wrap of dun hen, black Schlappen.
Collar: Guinea Fowl
Wing: Blue Grouse

I killed the grouse with the 20 GA two weeks ago after Erdos scented it and pointed it in a thick stand of firs. I cooked the grouse for dinner last weekend, and now it's tail is in these flies. If only Erdos hadn't eaten most of the left half of the tail on the "retrieve" I'd be able pair up more left and right feathers for matched wings.

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