Friday, 31 July 2015

Humpies on the fly

A feisty humpy.

Garrett and I fished north of Juneau - throwing flies at Echo Cove for pinks.  We arrived at high tide, which may not be the best time.  There was the infrequent fish that jumped, indicting there were at least a few in the cove.  I caught a nice one on a purple and pink marabou intruder. I was fishing Garrett's 7/8 weight 10' 6" Beulah switch rod with a Wulff Ambush line - a perfect set up for thsi type of fishing.

A nice chrome female pink caught in the salt.

After only one fish caught - we moved on to Cowee Creek.  There were a bunch of folks spin fishing at the bridge so we wandered down the path along the stream into a real bear garden.  Later found out that there is a mother Brown bear with two cubs in the area.  Cowee was full of pinks, more spent that the one I'd caught in the salt, but Garrett hooked and landed three.  I hooked up with one, but lost it.

Female Pink.

Male Pink salmon, AKA Humpie.

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