Monday, 14 March 2011

Gray day @ Gray Reef

10/29/11: I've been remiss in keeping the blog up -- I plan to spend a little time bringing up to date. Following the convention I've previously used, the posting dates will coincide with the events they document.  This posting was never published.

Fishing at Gray Reef last spring.

Gray bearded man on a gray March day at Gray Reef.
Spent the day fishing at gray reef.  There was hardly anyone else there and I caught a a bunch of small fish.  I've never caught small ones in this water.  Also, I have fished here for years and never have seen crayfish.   The bottom was covered with molted crayfish exoskeletons.

I'd never really thought of trying a crayfish pattern at the Reef but based on these observations, I decided I'd better tie some up.

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