Monday, 23 May 2011

Gray Reef at 5500 cfs

The runoff this year has been breaking records all over the state with snowpack averaging 215% over normal levels.  The water has been flowing over the dam at Gray Reef at 5500 cfs.  In my own previous experence, 4500 cfs was big water. In June the flows went up to 8000 cfs.  Most of the normal places I like to fish were inaccessible at this level of flow. There was no access to the island and even fishing the shore on either side was very difficult.  There was a midge hatch going on and they could not resist a black bodied  glass bead head pattern in size 22.  I was hooking up continually, landing more than a dozen fish over 20 inches. I took one 25" fish home to eat.


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